Tiny Memoirs

A six-week, self-guided writing experience for turning your unforgettable memories into evocative mini memoirs that will fascinate your readers.
(Comes with the All-Access Pass until May 6, 2019!) 

Turn Your Unforgettable Memories into Evocative Flash Memoirs Your Readers Will Love (On-Demand, Self-Paced)

Tiny Memoirs is a 6-week thematic writing experience designed to get you to tease out and write your most evocative personal stories on intriguing topics such as motherhood, home, food, travel, and money. 

This self-paced class you can take on your own from the comfort of your home consists of 6 different modules each of which explores one gripping theme through personal essays that work your imagination and writing prompts that get your words flowing. 

Each week's material includes :

  • five stimulating personal essays I wrote specifically for this class on the weekly theme,
  • five unique writing prompts crafted to complement each essay, awaken your creative muse and tease out your most essential stories on the weekly topic,
  • inspiring visuals complementing the written material (some of which are the courtesy of professional artists who were delighted to have their photos paired with some of the essays and prompts),
  • an invitation to get your ideas and memories (inspired by what you read) out of your head and onto your paper.
“This class is a great way of gathering content for a memoir. What a wonderful experience and a fantastic collection of writing!”
JACKEE HOLDER, Executive Coach
"This class is unlike anything I have experienced. It has unleashed many words that needed a meadow to romp in without fear. Think about it."
TERRI JACKSON, Photographer
The Tiny Memoirs experience is focused...

You'll concentrate on exploring one intriguing theme each week and tease out your juiciest stories by exploring the different facets of a rich topic. You'll get creatively inspired by diving into rich metaphors and archetypes.

At the end of the class, you'll have a series of unique pieces of writing that can either stand alone or form the basis of a longer piece you can publish.

The Tiny Memoirs experience is practical and spacious...

Since this is an on-demand class, you set your own pace. There’s no overwhelm or the need to keep up with an ongoing group writing commitment. On the other hand, your experience will be intense and rewarding if you follow the structure of this journey to turn your memories into written personal pieces.
"This class completely changed my relationship with writing. I am not afraid of writing anymore. I even enjoy it!"
MONICKA CLIO SAKKI, Creativity Mentor
"Cigdem’s stories never fail to start a little tornado, a good tornado, of muses and reflections, forming the words that eventually get put down."
The Tiny Memoirs experience is bountiful...

In this class, I invite you to delve into one specific topic each week. You can write daily with the prompts, or you can read all of the weekly material at once, choose one prompt that draws you the most, and write with it.

This is your chance to unearth and develop at least a few beautiful stories you can use in future work. The essays some of the previous participants wrote insoired by this program were accepted by various publications. Other participants used their pieces as the seeds for a memoir they’re writing, or shared them with their blog readers and received much praise.

The Tiny Memoirs experience is liberating...

As you do this work, you'll be expressing your deepest self. You'll be cultivating creativity and meaning through the places you find within yourself as you dig into each gripping writing theme. The stories you'll allow yourself to write will astound you.

The Tiny Memoirs experience is creatively empowering...

I designed this writing program as a hands-on experience to get you to deepen your writing practice and strengthen your writing muscle. You don’t learn from the masters; you move your pen, find your voice, expand as a writer, and become your own master. Once you’re in, you’re free to find your zone, take initiative, and be on the driver’s seat of your writing.
"Writing. Stamina. I love this experience. My writing is becoming a string of stories that paint a much larger picture. Maybe I ‘will’ write that book some day."
SUE ANN GLEASON, Nourishment Guide
"These essays and prompts have taken me so much deeper than I foresaw, much is churning within, and it is timely."
MARY McCONNELL, Well-Being Therapist
How Does This Class Work?

The class begins as soon as you complete your registration. You can access the first module and the first week's material as soon as you're in.

A new module will unlock every seven days, so you can follow this structure without getting distracted and can focus on one writing theme and one experience at a time. Each time a new module unlocks, you'll receive an email notification to the email address you enrolled with.

Once you register, you have forever-access to this class. So you can always come back here and work with the material as many times as you want.

This spirited creative immersion is rich enough to inspire your muse and get you to write some of your most moving stories and short enough to preclude overwhelm. 

You’ll love this unique, self-paced writing experience if:

  • You love writing and can’t do without it even if you don’t call yourself a writer.
  • You enjoy a variety of writing topics and love writing on different themes using uniquely crafted prompts.
  • You enjoy moving your pen regularly and want to develop your writing practice.
  • You have many personal stories you’d like to turn into essays or memoirs and need motivating ways to get them onto your paper.
“I don’t consider myself a writer, but I do have a story to tell. This writing class has been a nudge to venture into an unknown place. Writing has clarified some of the conflicted feelings I have with myself. Deep, deep gratitude for you, Cigdem.”
"Cigdem creates a vibrant space for women's voices in a world that feels increasingly hostile to them. With creative prompts and exercises, she encouraged me to open up and explore not only what I believe, but why I believe it."

What's included?

Text Icon 32 text files


Welcome & How to Begin
WEEK 1: Edible Memories
Food and Childhood
Food and Longing
Food and Freedom
Food and Generosity
Food and Pleasure
WEEK 2: Passport to Memory
One-Way Ticket
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
In Your Dreams
The Getaway
Lost in Translation
WEEK 3: No Place Like Home
Imaginary Homeland
On the Move Again
Tiny House
Better Homes and Gardens
Home Alone
WEEK 4: Mother, May I?
The Hair
The Meal
The Help
The Ride
The Shoes
About the Contributing Photographers
WEEK 5: Money, Money
Money Is Like Water
The Two Shores of Debt
Dreaming Big
Good Times
A Love Note to Money
WEEK 6: Things and Tales
Something Preserving a Connection
Something That Belonged to Another
Something Captivating with Beauty
Something Retaining Love
Something Slightly Magical
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Do I have to be on my computer to be able to access the course material?

You can log in to the Story Arts Academy and access all class material from your desktop computer, your notebook, your tablet, and even your smart phone.

Do you offer refunds?

I'll be happy to offer you a full refund within 48 hours of your purchase if you're not happy with my work. No refunds are available after 48 hours. Please read all sections of this page carefully and make a conscious purchase decision.

How long do I have access to the class material?

You have forever-access to this class once you complete your registration. You can come back here to use the class material to create new writing as many times you want.

Will you offer feedback on my writing?

This program does not include writing feedback. It has two main aims: (1) to get you to develop a consistent writing practice (because your writing matters), (2) to get you to write authentic, evocative, personal pieces by teasing out the kind of memories you can expand into longer published pieces (because your story matters).

Is this a group writing program?

This is an on-demand writing program you can take on your own, at your own pace, and from the comfort of your home. 

How do I pay?

You can use the button at the top of this page to pay with PayPal or your credit card.