Story Arts Insiders (All-Access Yearlong Pass) by CIGDEM KOBU

Story Arts Insiders (All-Access Yearlong Pass)

Take Your Writing Seriously Because Your Story Matters, and the World Needs What Only You Can Tell

Your words matter. Your voice matters. Your unique experience matters. If you have a book in you and want to finally write it, if you have a message you want to clarify and get across, if you depend on your words to connect with your audience, and if you want to be taken seriously as a writer, you, before anyone else, must take your writing seriously first! The times have never been better to share your story and what only you can tell, and writing is the most powerful way of doing that. Here in the Story Arts Studio, you will find it easy to:

  • Develop and maintain the writing practice you have always wanted (no matter your background or genre).
  • Find and hone your unmistakable voice with confidence and own it.
  • Express yourself and ideas freely, and feel heard, understood, witnessed, supported, and creatively fulfilled.
  • Deepen your craft and develop new writing skills in an encouraging, judgment-free environment.
  • Cultivate the courage and confidence to get out there to be seen and heard as a writer, and develop the tools to navigate, understand, and release fear, doubt and overwhelm.
  • Connect with like-hearted writers and creative entrepreneurs in an inspiring community that values writing for personal fulfillment, creative expression and professional growth.
  • Feel accountable and move toward your writing goals with intent, power and ease.
  • Feel more motivated to write than you can on your own, and bring to life the projects that excite you.
  • Expand your creative circles, enjoy deeper conversations than you can on social media, and build your network as a creator with ease (even if you are introverted).

Being supported to develop a fulfilling writing practice will not only enrich you creatively and professionally; it will also transform and uplift your entire life. And being a part of this unique, nourishing community will not only empower you to bring your words out of your head and onto the page; it will also make you a happier human.
“There is beautiful authenticity and vulnerability that come through in the words of other members. I feel increased confidence in my writing by the responses I receive. I also see myself more clearly through my responses to the writing of others. Writing, individual voices and life coming together so beautifully.”
DAWN SULLY PILE, Co-Active Coach, Speaker, Author & Seminal Leader
“Being part of this community is filling and emptying me simultaneously. I’ve never found such an accepting space to write truth in. This is unlike anything I’ve ever done, and it’s by far the best thing I've ever done! I’ve been telling everyone just how amazing, wonderful, inspiring, and gutting this is. I’ve never written such raw and open stories before.”
JACKIE ROBERTS, Psychotherapist, Coach & Radio Host
"Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference."

“Writing. Stamina. I love this experience. Our writing is becoming a string of stories that paint a much larger picture. The words are flowing and they just won’t stop. Maybe I ‘will’ write that book some day.”
SUE ANN GLEASON, Writer, Holistic Health Specialist & Nourishment Guide
“This is a great way of gathering content for a memoir. What a wonderful experience and a fantastic collection of writers and writing! This feels like the most sacred writing space.”
JACKEE HOLDER, Executive/Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer & Author

Stimulating Writing Groups, Step-by-Step Resources & a Supportive Writing Community for Creative Entrepreneurs

The Story Arts Insiders is the core membership community of the Story Arts Studio, a boutique writing studio for creative entrepreneurs and future authors who are ready to take their writing seriously. We have big, bold writing projects and put our writing first. The All-Access Pass allows the Insiders to benefit from the Story Arts Studio year round at a fraction of the cost.

As an introvert-friendly community of creative entrepreneurs, we value deeper connections, profound conversations, sustainable creativity, and peaceful commerce. And as writers, we value practice, process and product equally. This means we write, and we also want to publish and be read.

Story Arts Studio participants bring to life captivating essays, life-changing books and thriving businesses with joy and ease. Whether you are writing to tell your story, spread your ideas, publish a book, leave your legacy, or expand your business, you will find here a nurturing, supportive, galvanizing environment that will make a huge difference in your writing life through:

  • Meaningful connections with other creative entrepreneurs (who love writing) inside a cozy, supportive, introvert-friendly, non-competitive writing community. 
  • In-depth support from a trusted, experienced mentor when you most need help or have burning questions.
  • A VIP ticket for the annual Story Arts Book Camp that will help you go from idea to finished 1st draft of your nonfiction book in 90 days.
  • Quarterly live Writing Immersions to keep your pen moving and have your best writing come to life with the support of a wonderful group of writing companions. 
  • Monthly Studio Sessions with guest experts and mentors who will share with you everything they know on topics that will help you become a more powerful writer, storyteller and connector.
  • Fortnightly check-ins, pop-up prompts, surprise resources, and creative accountability in the comfort of our private sanctuary with no obligations (between the quarterly Writing Immersions).
  • Access to my rich rolodex of resources, tools and network that will save you much time and energy.
  • Yearlong access to one of the best writing studios for creative entrepreneurs and women writers. 

On the other hand, here, you will NOT find:

  • An overwhelming, cluttered Facebook group that has too much going on to distract your focus and that is tiresome to keep up with.
  • Loud people, rude people, aimless chatter, never-ending complaining, hype, or self-promotion by members.
  • An over-crowded space where you feel lost, invisible, overwhelmed, or neglected.
  • Random information dump without hands-on guidance, a strategic vision or real support.
  • Too much happening at the same time without the chance to actually apply what you learn in increments and get actual results.
“I have been thrilled by the chance to experience this whole different way of thinking about writing. Deeply personal, evocative and inspiring. Thank you for the experience of the daily prompts and inspiration. The whole course has been so beautiful in its structure and detail. Thank you for the richness of your unique creativity and care.”
CATHERINE DREA, Photographer, Writer & Social Entrepreneur
“Can I just say how much I am loving this group? It has come along at a time when I should have said no to adding one more thing to my overflowing plate, but I am so, so grateful I said yes. And I am more grateful for the honesty, courage, openness and acceptance of everyone here. And wow—the writing is impressive and inspiring!”
DAWN COLANGELO LEAS, Poet & Writing Facilitator
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 

“After participating in Cigdem’s writing groups, my way of thinking about certain challenges and obstacles in my life has shifted. And I’ve developed a new mental approach and attitude to deal with them. This event is an opportunity to put ourselves first for a change.”
— LEERAY COSTA, Cultural Anthropologist & Professor
“I cannot recommend Cigdem’s writing groups highly enough. She is extraordinary. You cannot be anywhere in her sphere of influence without being compelled and propelled into action and transformation. She is winsome and wise; a woman with whom you would be privileged to connect and work with."
— RONNA DETRICK, Writer & Speaker,

Why Is the All-Access Pass the Smartest Way to Benefit from the Story Arts Studio & to Work with Me?

I host three different events in the Story Arts Studio. These unique programs will revolutionize your writing and the creative work you do in the world:

  1. Monthly Studio Sessions,
  2. Quarterly Writing Immersions, and
  3. The annual Story Arts Book Camp.

The All-Access Pass gives you unlimited access to all sessions and immersions you want throughout the year plus the Book Camp at a fraction of the investment you would have to make if you registered for them separately.
Studio Sessions are focused, in-depth, strategic interviews with master creators and mentors—memoirists, artists, poets, authors, copywriters, editors, entrepreneurs, coaches, copywriters, publishers, and subject matter experts whose work you may already know and admire. These are not live events to attend or courses to keep up with. Full transcripts, audio recordings, and practical checklists will be available for your ease. (If and when I make the Sessions available to the public at a later date, the investment for each will start from $50.)

A Writing Immersion is a three-week writing group (and not another course you won't complete!) Each writing immersion has a specific goal and theme we explore as a group, following a sequence of writing seeds, introspective questions and creative instructions. Our aim is to get your stories and ideas out of your head and onto the page, and to practice writing with clarity. No craft-oriented critique or feedback is involved or desired. The depth of connection and the level of writing progress in these groups are phenomenal. Group participation is recommended but optional. You are free to take the material and write quietly on your own if you prefer that. The next Writing Immersions are:

The Story Arts Book Camp  (Sep. 1-Nov. 29, 2019 - $650) is a virtual, guided nonfiction book writing camp designed for helping you go from book idea to finished first draft in 90 days. Guided by fabulous mentors and motivated by a friendly group of passionate book-campers, you will be able to end the year with a huge triumph: you will have finished a fine 1st draft of your life-changing book. 
“I can’t say enough about the wonderful writing here, but I’d like take just 1 minute to add: I’ve put myself out there in a few of my pieces here, revealing pieces of me that are less than flattering… and I am deeply moved by the support and encouragement in this group. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating and maintaining this environment.”
MARGARET KEEN KEATING, Poet & Executive Assistant/Associate Director Of Volunteerism
“I wake up in the middle of the night, and I check my phone for new writings. I wake up in the morning and read more pieces over my breakfast. I love each and every single contribution I’ve read. I want more. I check my phone through the day, not wanting to miss a word. And the stories that haven’t been shared yet, or written yet, I so hope they see the light of day here…because we are ourselves here, we are our authentic selves.”
SUE SHOBERT JORGENSON, Spiritual Guide, Healer & Writer
 “Stories tell us of what we already knew and forgot, and remind us of what we haven’t yet imagined.”

“This writing group has been so powerful—it’s surprised me. I’m eager to complete it, and to go back and read all I’ve missed. Such incredible richness in this group. Thank you.”
VICKY B. WHITE, Writer & Photographer
“Taking the time to read, reflect and write on a personal level, yet being a part of a larger group of women has been amazing! The topics and questions are great as always!”

What Is the Investment Needed to Empower Your Writing (and How to Save Over 80 Percent)?

If you registered for the Writing Immersions, Studio Sessions and the Story Arts Book Camp throughout the year, you would have to invest $2755. The investment required for the Story Arts Studio All-Access Pass is  currently only $540/year. This is only one-fifth of what you would have to pay if you registered for all programs and resources in the next 12 months individually.

The All-Access Pass saves you $2215 (over 80%) and gives you unlimited access to everything for the entire year! Plus you will lock your Studio membership at $540 and won't be affected from any price increases.

This is an automated, recurring subscription fee billed annually. When you register, you will be charged through a secure payment system once a year. Canceling your subscription is easy—there are no hoops. If you are not ready for the All-Access Pass yet, you can also purchase access to each event individually. (But you will have to pay the regular fee for each program and will have to pay five times more. Plus, you won't have the community, ongoing access to me, or the bonuses.)

Your writing matters. If you have something to say, if you have a book in you, if writing more and writing well will give power to the work you do in the world, make the smartest investment in your writing life today.
P.S.: There are only 50 seats available at this level! The All-Access Pass fee will increase to $900/year for new members on May 6 or when the first 50 seats are taken—whichever happens first. And once the first 50 Insiders are in, my three signature programs won't be available as bonus gifts anymore. So, don't wait!
“Cigdem’s writing groups completely changed my relationship with writing. The ‘together’ aspect was a very different experience than a class. It was amazing to see how connections were made based on each other’s writing. Telling the truth with bravery became a ping pong-we each helped each other dare more, reveal more, and be alive more. Writing as a group was an experience part writing, part healing, and part party. I am confident about my voice now when it comes to personal storytelling. I am not afraid of writing anymore, and I even enjoy it. I am able to tackle larger pieces with a more critical eye, and I have become a better editor. Not only that, I also decided that a memoir is in order soon, something that never crossed my mind before, ever.”
MONICKA CLIO SAKKI, Artist, Writer & Creativity Mentor
“Two weeks. Only two weeks to change my perspective, my viewpoint, my outlook, my awareness, my attitude, my understanding. Yet, the most powerful part of the two weeks came as a surprise. As I engaged with a commitment to write from a place of truth and honesty, I made a pact with myself that I would attempt to write each day, for and from my own experience, not from the stories that have always been told. The unexpected happened. I was broken open, raw and exposed. I found a welcoming, encouraging, trustworthy and engaged tribe. I don’t consider myself a writer but I do have a story to tell. This writing intensive has been a nudge to venture into an unknown place. Deep, deep gratitude for you, Cigdem. For holding me, my stories, my writing with such grace.”
ANNE LARSON BUCK, Artist & Writer
“It's not a competition, it's a doorway.” 

“Cigdem's guidance has been the catalyst for me to step onto my true purpose. I cannot thank her enough for her gentle mentorship and patience as I worked through heavy perfectionist energy. Working with Cigdem will bless your life far beyond what I can convey on paper. I highly recommend her work.”
— KADENA TATE, Business Strategist & Speaker,
“This course provides a strong structure, a container for personal inquiry at a deep soul level. Writing using this unique program has revealed another layer of the path of becoming whole. I have a new understanding of facets of my personality. This has allowed me to align the inside and outside, the introvert and extrovert, the personal and public, in a whole new way.”
— KATHLEEN O’BRIEN, Artist & Designer,

Special Bonuses for the First 50 Insiders

The first 50 members also get instant bonus access to three of my self-guided signature programs. These bonuses will go away after the first All-Access Passes are gone.

“Cigdem has the strengths and gifts of (1) listening to what another says and then putting it into the most precise, non-redundant words that captures the essence and spirit in one go, (2) helping people understand both the inner and outer journey they need to go thru in order to discover, develop and share their story, (3) creating a sense of purposeful space to breathe whilst having a plan and deadlines to deliver, and (4) helping one understand their own brand story vs others that are out there—guided by love but also with a ‘don’t bullshit yourself’ approach.”
— ZIVANA ANDERSON, Marketing Consultant & Career Coach,
“What made the group unique was the diversity, authenticity and creativity of the participants. Also that there was a willingness to explore the ‘road less travelled’ and to wander from the tried and true and prescribed path. Cigdem’s presence within the group was amazing! She put so much effort and thought in responding to everyone’s questions and problems and she was incredibly generous with her time. I’ve often wondered how Cigdem found time to take care of all of us. She has a gift of intuition, seeing thru all of the crap to the heart and truth of it all. I would describe working with her and her presence as indescribable.”
— MARCIE SCUDDER, Photographer, Writer & Yoga Guide,
“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.”

“Cigdem offers a unique blend of powerful business discussions cloaked in an amazingly clear-eyed and kind global view. She is fully present, amazingly available, egalitarian, truthful, funny—with a depth of knowledge and resources that are astounding. I have truly enjoyed the discussions, both in giving and getting feedback and the amazing sparks of genius from Cigdem and my fellow participants.
— LIZ CRAIN, Ceramic Artist & Designer
“Cigdem creates a vibrant space for women’s voices in a world that feels increasingly hostile to those voices. With creative and probing prompts and exercises, she encouraged me to open up and explore not only what I believe, but why I believe it. It’s not easy work–her programs are rigorous, but it is necessary work, and in her groups I grew as both a writer and a person.”

Flourish As a Writer with the Right Focus, Right Community and Right Support

If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, you have to take your writing seriously first. Your writing matters, and the world needs what you know and only you can tell. Join the Story Arts Studio today and get your All-Access Annual Pass. It is time you give yourself the opportunity to blossom as a writer and your writing projects the chance to come to full being. You deserve it.


(P.S.: There are only 50 seats available at $540/year. The membership fee will never be as low as this beginning rate again. The investment for the All-Access Pass goes up to $900/year for new members on May 6 or when the first 50 seats are filled—whichever happens first. Join now to lock your membership at this level before all 50 seats and three bonus gifts are gone!)
Get Your All-Access Pass
“Without momentum, you would have the experience of always starting over with each new creation. With momentum, you add energy and force to the next result you want to create.” 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need each month to benefit from the Story Arts Studio?

10-20 minutes a day when there is a program going on. We are all busy folks and have a huge list of things to do and people to take care of every single day. Many of us dedicate about 10 minutes a day to their writing. All writing counts. And everything is progress. You will hear those two things over and over again in this community. If  you don't have 10 minutes, then start with 5.

Is this a good fit for a total beginner or an experienced writer?

Yes, for sure. We have members with all sorts of backgrounds and all levels of writing experience. The number-one focus of this group is to liberate your writing, develop a consistent writing practice, find your unmistakable voice, and unleash your words in the company of other women who are fired up to do the same.

How present and accessible are you in the group?

Very. This is one of the elements that make my programs different from a multitude of other groups. I am always present and active in each and every group (personally—not through assistants). Also, this is a close-knit community filled with repeat participants. It is the best place to further your writing as an introverted creator.

Who will see the writing I post and share in the group?

Only the people enrolled in the program where you share your writing. Each program is accessible only by registered members and no one else.

Will you provide feedback on my writing?

Each of the writing and storytelling programs that take place in the Story Arts Studio has a different aim. If a program promises feedback, I will. If it doesn't, I won't. That usually has a good reason for one has to be very careful with feedback. With that said, I always read each and every piece participants share in the program discussion space. Also, if you ask a specific question related to your writing practice, your creative process, or creative business, I will always do my best to help as much as I can.

Are there community activities between the live Writing Immersions?

The All-Access Pass includes one seat for each of the Writing Immersions within a period of 365 days, plus bonus access to three of my self-guided signature programs. Starting the last week of April 2019, we will also have a focused Studio Session once a month with new guest experts. These are optional events the All-Access Pass holders have a complimentary seat for. The weeks between the writing groups is vital for introverted creators, and each is intended to be a spacious  pause for rest and re-energizing. However, when we don’t have a specific writing event going on, we do have fortnightly check-ins on the 1st and 15th of each month posted in the Insiders-only area. These posts include:
  • an invitation to share your wins and insights (what you’ve accomplished / noticed / learned) in the last two weeks since we last touched base.
  • a writing prompt with a specific theme and links/guidelines for an online or print publication/journal, or an upcoming anthology or contest you can submit a piece for (on that specific theme).
  • a question inviting you set ONE GOAL for the next two weeks so you can choose and focus on creating what matters to you the most and can report back on it as a creator in the following two weeks. 

Is there a Facebook group?

No, there isn't. I've used Facebook groups for many years for my writing groups. Unfortunately, Facebook is no longer a secure place for sharing personal writing and stories—even in closed and private groups. Group spaces are constantly monitored to perfect Facebook's algorithm on behalf of their advertisers. In addition, Facebook has become an incredibly noisy, cluttered place with too many distractions. Your writing is sacred, and it deserves better than a place that sells your information to advertisers and bombards you with ads. The work we do together is precious and priceless. That's why I invested in creating this secure, user-friendly, distraction-free platform for my community. A peaceful, secure virtual space, a creative sanctuary where you can focus on your writing and connect with your creative companions and mentors without being subjected to the hype and clutter of Facebook (and where you know creepy advertisers are not able to peep in your private writing and sacred work.)

How do we stay connected if we are not on Facebook?

Through the bimonthly check-ins in the Insiders-only area. And even though we don't use Facebook for writing because we have this beautiful studio, but we can still benefit from Facebook to stay in touch. We have a private Facebook collection only the Story Arts Insiders can see. When you become an Insider, you have access to the Collection, where you can share relevant updates from your personal profile or professional Facebook page and explore what the other members are up to. The collection gives us the opportunity to find out about each other's journey, triumphs, life milestones, and creative work and writing without getting lost in the hubbub of Facebook.

I'm introverted. Will I be overwhelmed?

I designed the Story Arts Studio with introverted and highly sensitive women creators in mind. I’m an INFP (99% introverted), and I also prefer a slower, more mindful, spacious, and sustainable approach to growing as a writer and creating my life's greatest work. You have come to the right place.

Can I write on my own and skip sharing and commenting in the group?

Of course. We have members who come here and share their writing and members who write quietly on their own. Group participation will deepen your Story Arts Studio experience. But it is up to you. Even if you write on your own, you will still get a ton of value. 

Can you guarantee I will write more?

I cannot. I will provide you with the ideas, resources and writing groups that will galvanize your writing. I will provide you with a fabulous, nourishing community of fellow writers. I will give you support and encouragement, and bring in other mentors who will make a difference for your writing, but at the end of the day, it is YOU who must do the actual writing.

Do I have to publish the writing I do in the Story Arts Studio?

It is up to you. 

What are the uniting values of the Story Arts community?

Freedom, creativity, authenticity, depth, quiet, compassion, equality, fairness, curiosity, connection. I will not tolerate any sort of racism, bigotry, discrimination, or bullying in the Story Arts Studio. Anyone who breaks this rule, is out immediately—without a refund. By registering you accept this rule.

Is there a monthly subscription option?

Nope. Your investment in the All-Access Pass already saves you more than 80 percent! If you don't wish to get the annual pass at this time, you can still register for programs individually. The All-Access Pass is the smartest option for people who already know they love my writing groups and who are ready to commit to writing with me and my inner circle of devoted women writers. This membership requires a conscious decision to invest in your writing and a commitment to do it with support from me and my community for at least a year. If you are not sure this is the right writing community for you, you could consider taking one of my self-guided writing courses or join a live event first by making a smaller investment to see if you like my work and writing community.

Do you offer scholarships?

I do not offer scholarships or special payment arrangements at this time outside of the payment plans listed for each program. 

How do I pay? Can I pay with PayPal?

The amazing platform I use for the Story Arts Studio is Podia. The memberships are charged here through the super safe Stripe system which lets you to easily set up your subscription by using your credit card. PayPal is unfortunately not a payment option for membership subscriptions here. However, you can pay with your PayPal or with your credit card whenever you register for any program individually. But why would you do that since you will already have access to everything as an All-Access Pass holder?

Can I cancel anytime and without going through hoops?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you offer refunds?

I do not, so please make a conscious decision. Before you enroll and pay, read the entire page including all of the testimonials by participants as well the complete FAQ section. Listen to your gut. If you feel hesitant, if it is not a "hell, yeah!" for you, it is probably not the right time for you to register now. Also, as soon as you subscribe for your All-Access Pass, you get instant bonus access to three of my self-guided programs the total worth of which will be more than your payment. So, you really have got nothing to lose!

What if my All-Access Pass expires in the middle of a program and I don't want to renew?

If you are toward the end of the program, I would accommodate you and let you have access until the program is over even if your pass expires. If you are around the beginning, you will lose access. In that case, you can consider renewing or registering separately for that specific program.

Do you do group calls with the Insiders?

Some of the Writing Immersions and the Book Camp involve calls you can attend live or get the recording of later. I desire to do monthly Zoom calls with the Insiders. These are not promised benefits of joining the Studio. They will be additional, occasional and optional gifts for enjoying some live time together in each other's company and strengthen our bonds even more. We could have a mini live group writing session, do a quick Q&A or simply have a wonderful conversation when we gather.

Is this writing community really only for women?

For women and for anyone who identifies as a woman. Not only cis women, but also trans women and femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer and non-binary folks are all welcome.
“Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.”